Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day


Motherhood is a wonderful title that changes your life forever. But ... there is another title that continues to change your life -- Grandma!

Yes, this Mother, Author, Photographer and Richmond Disability Examiner has added one more title to her resume -- Grandma. A title that overwhelmed me with great joy.

Cole Easton Carey arrived on May 4th -- 6 lbs, 10.5 ozs and 19 inches. A bundle of joy with dark brown hair and eyes ... the image of his daddy!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

April 2nd - Virginia Paralympic Experience

Come one, come all to the Virginia Paralympic Experience on April 2nd at the Sports Backers Stadium 12 - 3 pm.

Spotable Press release: US Paralympics Wheelchair Racer, Anjali Forbes Pratt will be racing in the Monument 10k-alongside the Elite Runners, as the first athlete with a physical disability to take on Monument Avenue in a Racing Wheelchair--

Anjali is an elite wheelchair racer, Paralympic ambassador, and graduate student at the University of Illinois. She strives for athletic excellence and leading a life filled with integrity. Anjali is the current World Champion in the 200m and holder of two bronze medals from the Paralympic Games in Beijing, China. She welcomes the challenge of the Paralympic Games in London 2012—and in the near future (April 18th) conquering the Boston Marathon!! For more on Anjali’s journey of hope and inspiration:

I will be attending the event -- read my follow-up article next week at

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Queen for a Day

Once again, I made the journey to Maryland to attend the W.E.A.N. Queen for a Day event at the Women's Expo at Catonsville Community College.

And what a great day it was -- from start to finish, a memorable day. We had incredible MTA drivers - actually, Cathy awarded our return driver with a crown necklace she received at the event. And I awarded mine to her evening aid while Cathy awarded her the "Queen" crown she received at the event.

The "CROWNS" were in abundance - America Mrs., Ms. Maryland, Mrs. Maryland, Ms. Teen West Virginia and Ms. Wheelchair MD 2010. The Crowns were everywhere.

From makeovers to clothes to purses, the vendors were great. Sheila had her hair and nails redo while Cathy and I enjoyed chatting with old friends, and some new friends.

Janice Jackson, Executive Director of W.E.A.N., recognized all the previous Ms. Wheelchair Maryland's, which of course included Cathy, as well as all the volunteers. It was a great event -- and of course this photographer took lots and lots of pictures, with many cameras.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Seeking enjoyment beyond your years examiners are special people. They continue to reach out and write about people in their local communities.

I was the subject of our local Richmond Caretaker Examiner last week. Rhonda Day, in addition to being the Richmond Caretaker Examiner, is also a freelance writer for She wrote this article and truly brought tears to my eyes.


2010 was adventurous for my adventurous wheelchair angels; never a dull moment nor unmemorable event!

From Pageants (Ms. Wheelchair Virginia and Ms. Wheelchair Maryland), World of Possibilities Events, W.E.A.N. events and many of your outreaches in Richmond, 2010 has given me incredible experiences with the disability community. Each event educated and entertained, but most of all, provided a wider glimpse into the world of the disabled.

Most recent event was on board the Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas to the Eastern Caribbean. A 12 day adventure from Baltimore, MD to the ports of Labadee, Haiti, Dominion Republic, San Juan, St. Thomas, St. Maarten and Tortola, BVI and back to Baltimore, MD, and for me, back to Richmond, VA. This group of 25, which included many with cerebral palsy, down syndrome, blind and amputees left a lasting impression on the crew and passengers of this cruise ship.

Disabled does not mean Unable was the motto of this adventurous group. They put this able bodied aid to shame with their courage to experience new things. And for my sister, Cathy Porter, Ms. Wheelchair MD 2007, a dip in the San Juan ocean in a beach chair at a private beach with a private life guard! Add to this incredible adventure, a private bus tour of St. Maarten which included lunch at Sunset Beach, or better known as Airport Beach. A beach where HUGE airplanes fly directly over the beach to land across the road. Check out and click on Royal Caribbean to enjoy some of the photos from the cruise.

May 2011 be a year of CURES of all disabilities worldwide. I leave you with a quote from a very special Ms. Wheelchair MD 2008 Rose Williams. When asked her final question at a previous Ms. Wheelchair MD competition, “If there was one disease you could cure, what would it be?” many thought Rose would say cerebral palsy, but she didn’t. Rose responded, “I would cure the frown, because if you can cure the frown, you can cure anything!” A wonderful quote that has blessed my life over, and over again.

Let’s make 2011 another memorable year for the disability community. Information is a valuable asset, and never runs dry. Send your resources and events to

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alex McArthur is the new Ms. Wheelchair America 2011

Congratulations to Alex McArthur, Ms. Wheelchair North Carolina!

North Carolina is making a splash at the Ms. Wheelchair America program -- it holds the title for 2010 and 2011.

At 22 years old, Alex is now Ms. Wheelchair America 2011. This lovely young woman with Muscular Dystrophy was diagnosed as a child and has been using a wheelchair for 3 years now, and is still getting used to the “wheelchair image.”

Alex is certain to bring her style to the program. A year of exciting memories begins!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Richmond Disability Examiner articles hits 4,900 viewers

Who would have thought the need for information was so great? Not me. I am amazed at the response from the Richmond Disability Examiner articles. The emails of gratitude have warmed my heart. 82 articles and 4,900+ readers since February 2010. WOW!

Since I began writing the disability resource and event articles in February, I have been educated with a wealth of information about the disability community. My knowledge has expanded beyond Cerebral Palsy. I wasn't aware of all the resources available until I had to research to find them. And what a gold mine I found.

Each article reminds me how blessed I am -- that I am healthy! I, as does the world, take our gifts for granted; the ability to see, talk and walk. It is not until we are face to face with a disability that we see ourselves for who we are. Either we have compassion for those less fortunate and do something about it, OR, we turn a blind eye to the disability and forget it exists.

I opt to see it and do something to help. I hope you feel the same.

The disability world is short of advocates, those who not only see, but have compassion to help. The rewards of "helps" is amazing -- it literally changes lives of both the giver and the receiver.

I leave you with this request: FIND a "helps" that matches your talent, than GIVE freely.

Life can be spent in constant personal enjoyment with no eternal rewards, or in constant personal giving that returns enjoyment beyond your dreams. The choice is yours.